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Unique ways to Scatter the Ashes of Loved Ones

When a loved one passes away and is cremated, family and friends might wish to honor the memory of the deceased by finding a final resting place that is either unique to the interests of the loved one or that is a reminder to the family of the life and accomplishments of the dearly departed. Often, the family will scatter the ashes out into the ocean or place them in an urn above the fireplace, but there are some other unique options as well.

For those family members who wish to keep a relic of their loved one after they are gone, there are many interesting ways to create unique reminders of those who have passed away. One such option is to place the cremation remains into an hourglass. Because cremated remains are close to the consistency of sand, the cremation ash can be used in a functioning hourglass. This arrangement for the final resting place of a loved one can be both creative and symbolic. Another interesting option is to have the ashes pressed into a record. The record not only contains the remnant of the deceased but can also hold a recording of the voice of the loved one and serve as a way to remember the person who has passed away. One option that has recently been growing in popularity is to have the ashes made into a diamond. Because cremated ashes are composed of carbon and diamonds are also made of carbon, loved ones can be made into this precious gem and incorporated into a piece of jewelry to be worn by a family member. Cremation ashes can also be made into glass, which can be used in jewelry or as a decorative piece. Another way of saving cremation ashes is to incorporate them into a work of art by combining the cremains with paint. The painting can then be hung as a creative tribute to the loved one that has been lost.

If the person who passed away has a great love for nature, there are two interesting ways in which they can be laid to rest that will coincide with their love for the natural world. The Neptune Memorial Reef project, located in Miami, Florida (, is a manmade reef built to resemble the underwater city of Atlantis. There are a total of 125,000 slots for cremated remains built into the reef, and friends and family members can snorkel or become scuba certified in order to pay their respects to those who have died. Another company that specializes in providing a unique final resting place for cremated remains is Biopresence ( This company has created human DNA trees. They “transcode the essence of a human being within the DNA of a tree in order to create ‘living memorials.’” This could be a very interesting memorial to someone who has passed away.

However, if the deceased loved one was insistent on being scattered, there are unique ways in which that can be accomplished as well. Skydivers can be hired to release the ashes when they are falling through the air or a family member can opt to do it himself. There are also companies who will put the cremated remains into a capsule and release them into outer space. One way to send your loved one off with a bang is to incorporate the cremated ashes into fireworks and have a memorial service with family and friends where they can be set off in a beautiful display.

However, there are regulations on what can and can’t be done with cremation ashes. Please first contact your funeral director or the crematorium to make sure that you are not violating any state laws.

The death of a loved one is always difficult, but fortunately there are many unique ways in which a family can arrange for the deceased to be honored and remembered.

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